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How to Spot Labrador Breeder?

In the world, Labrador retriever is one of the popular dog breeds. For this reason, it becomes easy to find Labrador breeders. But many are wondering how to separate good and reputable breeders from those who are not. As you read through this article, you are going to discover what makes a good breeder and at the same time, how you’d be able to find the one that’s best for you.

There are numerous people who know the fact that they should not get Labrador pups from pet shops and that they have to avoid puppy farmers. Still, that leaves tons of breeders to select. Remember that good breeders have plenty of defining features and all good and dependable dog breeders are taking care of their pets, performing health test to breeding stock, providing info and doing follow up care for puppy buyers and ensure well cared dogs.

There are several things that you could ask ahead of time which also serve as indicators that the breeder puts the dog’s welfare before financial consideration. As you find out the frequency of their breeding and maximum number of litters every female dog has had. Remember that considerate breeders will never reach more than 3 litters from female throughout its lifetime. In a given year, no good breeder will be having more than one litter from their Labrador female. Not only that, you need to be aware of the breeders who breed from different dog breeds.

When visiting your pups, they must be shown along with the mother. Preferably, they’ll be in the house and if they’re in kennels, it has to be clear that they’re brought into the house and visited outside few times in a day. Always remember that asking questions is completely fine and also, respected breeders will answer it openly. If for example that you see them feeling frustrated or uncomfortable, then this has to be considered as red flag.

A good breeder makes it a point that their animals have gone through proper health test. As a matter of fact, elbow scoring, eye tests as well as hip scoring are the standard health tests performed on Labradors. You can call them over the phone to be able to check if any of these tests have been done but it is wise if you can ask for certificates during your visit. Whenever possible, try to get copies of health tests sent to you via email before arriving. With this, it is going to eliminate the awkward situations if they are forthcoming at time of your visit.

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